На выставке в США Thomcast, Hybrid Networks и Andrew продемонстрировали действующую систему Интернет через MMDS.

THOMCAST, Hybrid Networks & Andrew to Demonstrate Live Two-Way Wireless Internet at WCA 2000

The Thomcast Communications Comwave Division, Hybrid Networks, and Andrew Corporation will demonstrate live two-way wireless internet service at the 2000 WCA "Extreme Wireless" Show and Convention in New Orleans July 10-12th. The demonstration will showcase an end to end solution incorporating the Hybrid Networks access system, Andrew RF Customer Premise Equipment, and Comwave Affinity 2-way RF Base Station Headend. This demonstration will use in-band RF return, a technique for sending and receiving signals within the MMDS frequencies of 2500-2686 MHz.

The WCA Show demonstration displays two-way broadband wireless asymmetric IP access, which provides up to 10 M b/s burst data rates for businesses, SOHO's, and residential subscribers. The broadband wireless access system is deployable in frequencies from 1.8-3.6 GHz using Affinity RF Base Stations. Typical spectrum plans include MDS, WCS, MMDS, and WLL for both domestic and international markets.

The technology can be used for email, file attachments, web browsing, telecommuter or work at home, videoconferencing, and IP telephony. Digital RF modulation provides efficient, robust frequency spectrum usage for two-way communications, and features 64-QAM downstream with QPSK upstream.

Visit the Thomcast Communications Booth #101 for further information about this exciting demonstration, or contact THOMCAST Communications Sales at 570-474-6751, Andrew Corporation at 480-315-6800, or Hybrid Networks at 408-323-6500.

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