Официальное открытие вещания телеканала TV1000 в России и СНГ состоялось.

Ниже мы приводим текст официального пресс-релиза компании Modern Times Group - владельца телеканала TV1000, датированного 6 марта 2003 года.


Modern Times Group MTG AB, the international media group, today
announced the launch of premium pay-TV channel TV1000 in Russia, the
Baltics and the Western CIS states of Moldavia, Belorussia and Georgia.

At the time of launch, TV1000 already reaches 100,000 homes in Russia
and the Western states, and 150,000 homes in the three Baltic states of
Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. The channel is being distributed via
national and local cable networks in each country, including major cities
such as Moscow and St Petersburg. TV1000 is paid a fee per subscriber
by the cable network operators for the inclusion of the channel in pay-TV
packages. TV1000 continues to be available in the premium tier of
Viasat’s Direct to Home platform in the Baltic States.

TV1000 is broadcast 24 hours a day and features blockbuster movies including
international titles such as ‘Good Will Hunting’ and ‘Jackie Brown’, and local
box office hits such as ‘The Brother’, ‘House of Fools’ and ‘The Couckoo’.
The channel incorporates both local language subtitling by MTG company SDI
Media, the world market leader in subtitling services, as well a dual Russian and
English language dubbed audio track.

TV1000 already has half a million subscribers in Scandinavia. The channel
generated sales of SEK 768 million and operating income of SEK 107 million in

Hans-Holger Albrecht, President and CEO of MTG, commented: “This further
demonstrates our belief in the huge potential of the high growth markets in
Eastern Europe. TV1000 will build on its very strong brand in the Nordic
territories to deliver a mix of premium local and international movie content to
television viewers in these new territories, and we aim to extend the channel’s
penetration further”.

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