TELE-Sputnik Magazine

Tele-Sputnik Magazine is a Cable and Satellite TV and Telecommunications Magazine in Russian. It is a monthly edition for specialists, distributed on subscription and by retail in the former Soviet Union and abroad. Besides we publish SATTV handbook ( Footprints and DTH equipment ), CATV handbook (Equipment for CATV networks) and Content in the CIS handbook (SATTV channels overview).

Main topics:

  1. Satellite TV channels - Russian, Ukrainian and foreign.
  2. Russian, the CIS and international business news.
  3. Interview with key persons in the industry.
  4. Articles about professional satellite and cable equipment, technical news.
  5. Interesting projects in CATV , SATTV, IPTV, regional projects.
  6. Satellite launches
  7. Test reports (STB, CA modules, and other consumer TV equipment )
  8. Modern trends in telecommunications and multimedia, reports from exhibitions.
  9. Frequency chart and transponder news.
  10. Monthly overviews of satellite TV channels.

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